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Neck & Back Pain in Honolulu

When you experience back pain or neck pain, you want to find a pain relief solution in Honolulu that addresses your concerns. Working with our Honolulu chiropractor allows you to find a natural treatment solution based on your goals and situation.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care refers to the use of pressure at specific points on your spine or gentle movements of your back to align the spine properly and reduce compression in your spine. Pain in your back and neck stem from a variety of situations, including injuries to your spine and neck. Treatments from a chiropractor focus on alleviating the pain by using appropriate movements, gentle pressure on specific points and education about movement and posture to reduce your risk of complicating the healing process.

Chiropractic care includes:

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Neck and joint manipulation
  • Decompression therapy
  • Cold laser therapy for muscle strains, sprains and pain that contributes to discomfort in your back or neck

At our clinic in Honolulu, we also address neck and back pain with education and recommendations. We help you recognize appropriate exercises for your body based on the severity of your injuries and the complications to your health. Our back pain treatment strategy focuses on alleviating the cause of your pain through natural solutions.

woman with neck and back pain

How Does it Help with Pain Management?

The way that a chiropractor in our clinic helps with pain management depends on your situation. Generally, we use spinal manipulation to help adjust and improve the alignment of your spine. We educate individuals about the importance of proper posture and make sure that you do not cause harm through poor posture or movements.

When necessary, we use spinal decompression therapy to remove pressure at specific points. For example, if pain stems from pressure on a disk in your spine, then we use decompression therapy to remove the excess pressure and encourage better function in your back. The result of the therapy is a reduction of pain in your back and spine.

Relieving Pain in Honolulu

At our clinic, we provide treatments that help relieve pain in your back and neck by identifying and addressing the causes of your discomfort. We use up-to-date tools to evaluate the situation and make sure that a treatment plan addresses your specific needs. We also discuss your concerns before starting a treatment plan and develop a solution that uses natural strategies and modern solutions to address the underlying causes of your pain.

Whether pain stems from an accident in your car, an injury on a sports field or poor posture throughout the day, we help address the causes so that you heal and regain a greater level of mobility.

It is not necessary to put up with pain when natural solutions provide relief. We help you address the causes of your pain so that you heal and recover. For more details about the ways chiropractic care and natural treatments help with pain relief, contact us at 808-591-2400 for an appointment today.