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Knee pain due to meniscus tears/injury

We use the ML 830 Cold Lasers to help heal repair torn/injured meniscus of the knee. It is a non-invasive, non surgical way to heal your meniscus.

We offer a no charge consultation. Bring in the MRI and MRI report of your knee, and then we can discuss what needs to be done. 

The treatment for a meniscus tear is determined by the size, location of the tear, and the activity level of the patient. Many people respond well to non-invasive treatments while others have to have surgery. The location of the meniscus tear is one of the most important factors because that will determine how well the tear will heal.

Outer Edge (Red Zone)

The outer one third of the meniscus has its own blood supply. Tears in this area tend to heal well. Small and moderate sized tears tend to respond well to noninvasive treatment options like laser therapy. Laser treatment helps stimulate the healing and repair process by increasing blood flow and nutrients to the injured area and accelerating the growth of new tissue.

Inner Meniscus (White Zone)

The inner two thirds of the meniscus lacks good blood supply, so it does not heal as well on its own. Even arthroscopic surgery, which is often suggested, may not work well due to the lack of healing ability in this part of the meniscus. Recovery may be difficult especially for older patients over 60 years of age and in poor health.