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Chiropractic Correction Care Lower Back Pain in Honolulu: Luke Chiropractic & Sports Injury

At Luke Chiropractic & Sports Injury we offer chiropractic adjustments and complementary treatments for children and adults. If you feel back pain, or suffer pain after a sports injury, we can help you recover and go on to live a pain free life. Learn about how we use holistic treatment methods to end lower back pain naturally and without the use of pain medication. 

Lower Back Pain Treatment Options

We begin every patient treatment with a thorough evaluation, including a biophysics spinal exam and x-rays. All this allows us to locate the root of your pain and develop a targeted plan to treat it. At this time, we will discuss your care with you, so you remain informed.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Bryan W.C. Luke, makes gentle yet effective chiropractic adjustments to move your bones back into their normal position. Not only does this restore proper movement to your spine, it reduces your swelling and stiffness from the very first appointment onwards.

You will immediately feel less pain, stiffness, and muscle soreness when you begin working with our chiropractor. Once we have addressed your lower back pain by restoring spinal alignment, we can discuss lifestyle changes and corrective exercises you can perform at home to support your treatment. In doing so, you can prevent your back pain from returning and achieve your health and wellness goals. 
If we feel it is necessary, we may perform spinal decompression services using a traction table. This treatment sounds scary, but it does not hurt. In fact, it is a highly effective and non-invasive method of healing bulging and slipped discs by stretching the spine.

To complement your healing, we can use cold laser therapy. This treatment uses low level laser light to penetrate your skin and make healing changes to your ligaments, soft tissue, and cells. Cold laser therapy is an ideal complement to chiropractic adjustments as it helps activate the body's natural healing system and support the positive changes of chiropractic care. 

Honolulu Chiropractor for Back Pain 

If you have been in an accident or suffered an injury, we encourage you to come in to see us as soon as possible. This way, we can begin your healing quickly and get you out of pain. Even if you have an old injury that gives you occasional pain or limits your range of motion, we can help you recover.

Would you like to take the next step to end your back pain? We at Luke Chiropractic & Sports Injury encourage you to sign up for one of our free new patient consultations. These consultations are highly detailed, and aimed at providing Hawaii residents like you with comprehensive information about your injuries and how we can help. There, you can ask any questions you have about our back pain treatment, receive an injury evaluation, and learn how we would be able to assist you on your journey to better health and wellness.